Wen Excels in LG Leadership

By: Ainsley Northrop 

People Editor 

It is sophomore Allie Wen’s second year in leadership and she is giving it her all. This past month LGHS had its first spirit week of the school year, and the behind the scenes work Wen contributed was far from easy. She explained how the preparation for the week began early when voting for class themes. Once the leadership team decided on the theme of cereal, they got to work assembling the spirit hallway, and she was a major help to the sophomore class. Wen’s art skills particularly came into play when painting the large Frosted Flakes cereal box that was prominently displayed both in the hallway, and then at the spirit rally. When asked about her favorite decoration she made for the week, Wen joyfully expressed that it was the Tony the Tiger cut out, which was hand-crafted by the sophomore leadership team. 

In addition to her work in crafting decorations, Wen was at the front lines of the lunchtime games, and even hand selected people to play in them, ensuring sophomore domination. Wen expressed that she, “loved recruiting people for lunchtime games and [reaching] out to those [she] thought were the best fit.”

When spirit rally day finally came, Wen was up bright and early, arriving at school at 7:00 AM to begin transforming the football field and bleachers. She stated, “We moved the [hallway decorations] the day before to the classroom so we could set it up on the bleachers [the next morning] and really get that class colorful effect.” Wen’s talent and commitment to leadership is clear, and she even earned the official title of spirit representative along with fellow sophomore Faith Hatch. Only two people per grade are chosen for this, and according to Wen, “a spirit representative is in charge of the spirit weeks, helps come up with the ideas and then helps along with the rest of the class to actually execute them.” 

Wen continues to push herself through her rigorous classes, including Honors English, French Three, and AP European History. Wen expressed her particular love for her French and Leadership classes, saying they provide her with supportive teachers, give her freedom to be creative, and are more unique. 

When she is not striving in leadership or working hard in her classes, you can find Wen enjoying her free time with a book — likely written by Sarah J. Maas — in hand.  In addition to her love of reading, Wen enjoys taking day trips to the beach with her friends. She is excited to see what the remainder of the school year has in store for her and cannot wait for the next spirit week! 

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