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Spotlight on LGHS Agroecology Course

By: Maya Gomez


Sitting quaintly in the corner of campus, marvelous student-planted greenery fills the LGHS garden. Despite the fact that we are only two months into the fall semester, the Agroecology class has made incredible progress. 

Senior Kiera Merrick has been a member of the Agroecology class since the beginning of the year. While her academic work within the agricultural world only began a couple months ago, Merrick’s interest in gardening truly began over quarantine. “During lockdown in 2020, my parents had us all build a garden area. We painted the raised beds, filled it with soil, etc. It was cool, we [grew] and harvest[ed] our own simple produce.” The senior added, “It was something impressive, something to look forward to. I thought, ‘I helped grow this.’ Sharing that with others, and even just enjoying it by [myself,] was so cool.” Unfortunately, Merrick’s gardening journey hit a roadblock, as she explained, “I tried growing some of my own small things, but they kept getting eaten or dying due to excessive heat. I got discouraged and lost enjoyment in it. I stopped gardening.” She revealed that her interest in the hobby reappeared last year when her counselor brought up credit options, and they landed upon the Agroecology class. “I had only heard about it vaguely from one of my friends, I thought it over for a second and said yes to the class. With that, here we are today!”

Agroecology is undoubtedly unlike any other class offered at Los Gatos. Senior Julianna Witter detailed a routine class day, declaring, “Usually, we begin the period in the classroom with some sort of more ‘typical structured’ written work or an assignment. Once we have finished this, we will always head down to the garden, where we spend the rest of the period.” Witter spreads awareness about animal mistreatment, speaking up frequently about animal rights and the need for advocacy. With this interest in mind, it comes as no surprise that “hearing about the bunny Cloudy and the multiple chickens [they] have living on campus immediately sparked [her] interest in joining the class.” Witter revealed that interacting with the animals always brightens her day. “The chickens are all so sweet, and Cloudy the rabbit is unquestionably adorable…Sometimes, if we are lucky there will be enough time to take a break to pet Cloudy or hold one of the chickens.”

Both girls find immense joy in the LGHS Agroecology community and look forward to various activities and assignments in the months to come. Merrick declared “I’m looking forward to adding stuff to my garden bed, not just plants, but decorating it — making it feel like my own. I love every aspect of the class.” Witter revealed that she is looking forward to “eventually growing some of [her] own vegetables and being able to take them home to share with [her] friends.” She continued, “Even my dog loves fresh carrots, so I can’t wait to be able to gift her with produce that was grown right here in LG’s very own garden!”

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