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LGHS Drama Department Presents “And Then They Came For Me”

The LGHS Drama department’s first production of the year, And Then They Came for Me, which is a play about the world of Anne Frank, debuted Oct. 14. Actors not only had to learn their lines for the live performance, but they also learned to interact with and organize videos that were projected on the stage for this multimedia production directed by Tim Nielson. The videos feature real-life Holocaust survivors such as Eva Schloss and Ed Silverberg explaining their hardships. Both Schloss and Silerberg also appeared in the play as characters portrayed by the actors.
Nielson and the actors began their hard work on Aug. 29, determined to make the play wonderful. Junior Sophia Fenchel, who played the role of Anne Frank, explained the fast-paced rehearsal process, saying that “Tim [would have] us run [a] scene once, and if he [liked] it then we’d move on.” Fenchel explained her favorite process of preparing for the performances, exclaiming: “I hate to say this, but I do love dress rehearsals.” She described her love for the excitement these particular rehearsals provide as well as the “vibrant costumes.”
Senior Tommy Wilkens, who played Silverberg, explained “there are two aspects that are unusual about this play. First, it’s a multimedia production, so there are videos involved. Also, I think it is special because we’re telling actual stories of people who lived through the Holocaust.” Wilkens further explained his enthusiasm towards the performances, saying: “Theater in general is a very effective way of sharing the significance of stories and themes… that’s something I love about [it].”
Wilkens’ favorite part of playing Silverberg is “challenging [himself] through high emotional scenes.” Silverberg is reportedly drastically different from Wilkens’ previous roles, which tend to consist of “middle aged men.” He explained that he begins his role as a twelve year old at the beginning of the play and gets to portray Silverberg’s story as he grows up.
Drama teacher Janna Ribgy, the director for the majority of the LGHS theatrical productions, has recently been on medical leave, leading Nielson, whom many drama students previously have known as “the tech guy,” to step up as the director. Nielson’s impeccable theatrical and directing experience was immediately clear to the actors. Wilkens stated, “It’s cool to have Tim as a director because I love Rigby as a director, but it’s nice to have a variety of experiences.” Fenchel explained how nice it has been to get to know Nielson and added that “he gives us a lot of creative freedom” and she expressed the value of this to the actors as they build their experience.
The three stellar performances took place inside of the LGHS theater on Oct. 14 and 15, wowing audiences.


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