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Band and Colorguard Begin

By: Angela Sheu 

News Editor 

Even though the school year is just beginning, the LGHS band and color guard programs are already in full swing as the various ensembles prepare for upcoming events.

The Symphonic Band, Crescent Ensemble, and Wind Ensemble have begun rehearsing their concert repertoire with new LGHS Band Director Ken Nakamoto. Nakamoto noted that although the material includes some aspects different from what the students are used to, they have remained enthusiastic and willing. The Jazz Band has also dove in by exploring various jazz tunes and gearing up for their fall concert.

Marching band and color guard kicked off before the school year even began with their annual Band Camp at the beginning of August. The two-week camp allowed students to meet each other and build community, particularly among incoming freshmen and returning students. Marching band students worked with the music staff to learn and practice instrument fundamentals before introducing drill — the band’s coordinating marching on the field — and the show music with which they will compete for the rest of marching band season. 

Color guard students concurrently learned the choreography for their show “Nature of Us All”, which they then practiced to the music and the drill. A Color Guard Assistant Captain, junior Elena Rexach reflected that the team entered the new season with “a really good attitude and [excitement] for all the cool things to come.”

Nakamoto has also found the transition into the school year to be relatively smooth, for which he credits the knowledge and experience of the other music staff, including LGHS choir director Maricel Riley and music administrator Wendi Redo. Although the pandemic put some things on hold, Nakamoto noted, “we’re starting to get back into a normal process. . . we’ve been able to progress a lot faster than [in] years past.” He has especially enjoyed working with students because they “just [got] right into the nitty-gritty of music making [together], and that was just an enormous breath of fresh air.” He expressed his gratitude for the support of staff, students, parents, which excites and enables him to “take [the] program, move it into that next step, and build something really, really special here.”

The marching band and color guard will perform their show for the first time at Homecoming on Sept. 30 between the junior varsity and varsity football games. The band ensembles will also perform at their concert on Oct. 11, while the orchestra and choir ensembles will perform on Oct. 13; come by to see what they have been working on and to support your fellow Wildcats!

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