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LG Library Celebrates 10th Anniversary

By Esha Bagora

Humor Editor

One of the most important pillars of any community tends to be its library as it is a place full of knowledge, opportunity, and enjoyment. The Los Gatos Public Library celebrated its tenth anniversary on February 11. Through February and continuing into March, the library encourages patrons to write love letters to the library to detail their favorite memories or aspects of the library. Amanda Flowers, a library assistant at the LG Library said that the staff would “absolutely love for these letters to foster and build a sense of community. We are excited to see how the members of the community not only benefit from our library, but can make an impact in their own community by simply sharing resources with others or attending classes with their neighbors. We also want people to feel like their voices are being shared within these walls, so we devised the idea to bind them into a book.”

The Los Gatos Public Library was rebuilt in 2012 when town officials decided to replace a 45-year old library with a space for modern community interaction.The architectural firm Noll & Tam constructed the building for 12.7 million dollars. The library project was planned and designed by Noll & Tam for over 20 years before construction began. A larger children’s area, teen room, computer bar, tech lab, and an outdoor patio were added to the Los Gatos Library with the remodeling expansion. These new spaces encourage interactions and facilitate access. The library staff echoed these sentiments and mentioned that, “one of the most impactful aspects of the library has to do with access. The LG Library creates free access for all people from all stages of life, whether its books, classes, and workshops, electronic resources like e-books and e-magazines, or databases like Ancestry, local history and preservation of stories from our community and our past, or free Wi-Fi and a space to work without having to pay for anything. The Library is a reliable, comfortable, and trusted place for many, all while adapting constantly to the needs of the community it serves.” 

The Los Gatos Library will continue to celebrate its milestone throughout 2022. They are currently running the ‘Libraries Love Letters’ programs for patrons and community members to write letters to the library, and throughout the year, they are doing the “‘Humans of the Los Gatos Library’ where we take photos and share our patron’s stories on Instagram.” Over the summer, the library staff plans to expand and create new festivities, while “​[signifying] not the end of an era, but the start of many new and exciting ventures.” 

(Sources: WhyTile) 

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