Silk Sonic Sails in with Their Debut Album

By Georgia Kaufman

Media Production Editor

On Nov. 12, Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak’s Silk Sonic released their debut album as a band, An Evening with Silk Sonic. Despite their album dropping the same day as Taylor Swift’s Red (Taylor’s Version), Silk Sonic still shot up the charts with this work-of-art of an album. With Bootsy Collins as an album ‘host,’ how could it not be a work of art? The man’s an icon. Alright alright.

The 31 minutes and 19 seconds of this absolute heart attack-inducing album quite literally knocked my socks off. The dogs are out. What can I say? It seems Silk Sonic knew what the people wanted…or they just checked my Instagram DM requests.

Getting back to the point, the album is a compilation of R&B, Soul, and Jazz that gets me feeling groovy and funky. It contains nine songs, each of which is special in its own unique way. The setlist is as follows: “Silk Sonic Intro”, “Leave The Door Open,” “Fly As Me,” “After Last Night (with Thundercat & Bootsy Collins),” “Smokin Out The Window,” “Put On A Smile,” “777,” “Skate,” and “Blast Off.” Three of the nine songs were previously released to the public: Leave The Door Open (Mar. 5), Skate (Jul. 30), and Smokin Out The Window (Nov. 5).

All of the songs capture the innate beauty of Mars and .Paak’s perfectly meshed voices. My thoughts on each of the songs are as follows:

Silk Sonic Intro: The opening to the album that changed my entire music taste. Wow. 

Leave The Door Open: Although its release date was more than six months ago, Silk Sonic’s debut song still ‘hits different’ every time I listen to it. 

Fly As Me: My new theme song. I DO deserve to be with somebody as fly as me, Bruno. Thanks for affirming my standards!

After Last Night (with Thundercat & Bootsy Collins): Sexual. The introduction to how Mars and Paak both feel about their “side-piece” and how it’s messing up their big time playa plans. Such an L.

Smokin Out The Window: BY FAR the greatest song on this album. Although it was a close nine-way tie, something about Mars and .Paak complaining about how in love they are with their “side-piece” really did something to me. 

Put On A Smile: One of the most beautiful and well written songs on the album by far. The song encourages Mars and Paak to tell their beloved “side-piece” how they really feel about her. Hearing about how “the only thing worth smiling for was you” just… hit?

777: At first I was interested because, angel numbers, shmobviously. What can I say, I was intrigued. But man, was I wrong. Based on the ‘fun’ of gambling, this song is almost as addictive as TikTok at 2 AM! All jokes aside, the music behind the lyrics tells a story on its own. Beautifully composed.

Skate: The second track released to the public — about four months prior to the entirety of the album — this song takes you on a journey through many bongos, pick up lines, and roller skate puns. A goodie. 

Blast Off: I was thrown into orbit. Genuinely. 

Overall, the album is phenomenal. No words could describe the love I feel for this piece of art, except, maybe, for the 2640 character article that has just been written. Listen to An Evening With Silk Sonic on all music streaming platforms — you will not be disappointed.

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