Make Time to Find Peace in Your Life

By Sonali Muthukrishnan


Since my senior year began, it has become abundantly clear that moments of peace are significant, yet rarely appreciated the way they should be. During the school year, it can be challenging to take a deep breath and take in what surrounds you, how much you have grown, and how at peace you feel. In an effort to remind myself to do that more this year and in the coming ones, I decided to take pictures of those moments these past few months since school started. I hope that this will encourage you to take a second to look at all the things you have accomplished and the people and things that you have around you. We all need a little bit of joy in our life, and we need to practice recognizing when we have those moments so that we can savor them. Life is too short to miss these moments. Here are some of my moments of peace. 

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