Kaufman Recaps Pitbull’s Iconic Concert

By Georgia Kaufman

Media Production Editor

In June, Pitbull announced his ‘I Feel Good’ tour featuring opening act, Iggy Azalea. Beginning on Aug. 30, the tour started its travels through 32 cities in the United States, and on Sept. 26, the artist made his mark on the Bay Area. Conveniently falling the day after Los Gatos High School’s annual Coronation dance, Mr. Worldwide blessed what seemed to be the whole student population of LGHS at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View.

Throughout his career, Pitbull has performed over 750 times across the globe. Whether his opening act is Britney Spears (fall 2018), or  Becky G (spring 2018), he has utilized the hype around these powerful female figures as his concert ‘pregame’ to allow for an even more enjoyable experience for everyone in the audience. In the past, Pitbull’s tour history has been notably, cómo se dice, iconic; however, nothing could ever live up to the absolute heat of his 2021 ‘I Feel Good’ tour. 

The concert was scheduled to begin at 8 PM on Sunday night. Miss Iggy Azalea came out at approximately 8:15, opening with her hit song Work and closing with Fancy. The queen performed a total of fourteen songs. The audience went wild every time she turned around for obvious reasons, specifically because she grabbed her bosom almost every four seconds. After the thirteenth or fourteenth time, though, most people in the audience began to get tired of this behavior.

Pitbull soaks up the energy at one of his concerts.

Mr. Worldwide did not end up coming out until around 9:30 PM. Pitbull’s performance itself included sixteen of his greatest hits, including songs featuring Usher (DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love), KE$HA (Timber), and Marc Anthony (Rain Over Me). 

Opening with Don’t Stop the Party, the crowd was more than pleased when Pitbull made his way out onto the stage, ‘fashionably late’ by over an hour and a half.

The (over) twenty-one thousand humans who occupied the amphitheatre did not disappoint when it came to moral support for Mr. 305, as well as Iggy. Whether it was screaming along to Hotel Room Service, or hyping up Miss Azalea’s butt, the crowd was never short of volume. 

 I know I need to stop talking about this concert, but after almost two years of COVID stopping everyone from viewing and performing live shows, Pitbull pulled all the stops to make sure this was a night to remember. I will move on with my life, so stop asking me to. Now please, go ahead with your own life, or as the legend himself would say, dalé.

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