Gerson Releases Inspirational New Single,”Worth the Fight”

By Sonali Muthukrishnan

Editor in Chief

LGHS senior Hazel Gerson released her new song Worth the Fight on Friday, Sept. 17, and it is available for listening on most streaming music platforms. Sharing her excitement for this song’s debut, Gerson stated, “I really hope this song inspires you or makes you feel good…This is my favorite song of mine to date…I am so beyond grateful to be able to share my music with the world.”

Gerson first got the idea for Worth the Fight when she heard an upbeat tune on the radio. The song “inspired me to write a [piece] with a strong message but a fun groove.” She wrote Worth the Fight to be a song that “everyone could relate to and feel on some level.” The song is similar to what Gerson loves to listen to in her free time, songs that have “an addicting melody with heartbreak elements in [their lyrics].” She named Alaina Castillo, Gracie Abrams, Lennon Stella, and Julia Michaels as artists she draws inspiration from. 

Gerson mentioned that her musical upbringing also largely impacted her songwriting. Her mother, a vocal coach, and her father, a record label owner, encouraged her to get into the music industry and follow her passion. She first wrote a song titled Purple and Pink at just seven years old, and she started singing even earlier. Gerson stated, “[singing] has always been the most important thing to me.” Reflecting on the process of creating her newest single, Gerson shared, “my mind is a very musically creative place. I unconsciously piece melodies together.” Worth the Fight took Gerson about a month to write; she finished the song in April of 2021. 

Gerson’s favorite lyric from Worth the Fight comes from the second half of the first verse: “Kind of funny thing about chances/Supposed to take the blame and change the ways that you’re acting/You always be taking them for granted/About time that I realized I’ve been way too generous.” Gerson loves this lyric because it portrays the message that “there’s no reason to give up who you are for someone else because the right person will love these parts of you… It’s saying don’t waste your time on people who simply don’t deserve it.” While Gerson writes most of her songs on the piano, she steered away from that technique for Worth the Fight, opting for a digital rhythm instead. As a young singer-songwriter, Gerson wanted to explore a new type of artistry and style with this single.

The young artist plans to pursue singing as a future career, or perhaps on the side. Gerson’s interests lie in the music business, music industry, and performing and creating as an artist. 

In May 2020, Gerson released her debut song Nervous and on Apr. 23, she shared another song: scars on my heart. She revealed that “It’s important to me to keep exploring what makes me happiest to sing and write. I’ve loved being able to write songs of all different genres mostly in [the] pop category…releasing songs has changed my whole world of music. It makes me feel…grateful to be able to share my music with the world and receive so much support. It means the world to me to have people listen to my music and express excitement about what I’m passionate about.”

Gerson shared her love for Worth the Fight, stating, “Worth the Fight is really special to me… It’s catchy, confident with sass…I express myself in my writing and you can hear that this song is so close to my heart.” She hopes that you will take a moment to listen to her newest single. 

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