The Suicide Squad Disappoints Once Again

By Macy Dennon

Sports Editor

If you, like many other confused watchers, were frustrated by the cinematic wonder of “The Suicide Squad,”  you have come to the right place!

The new Suicide Squad steps out of rubble.

The Suicide Squad, directed by James Gunn, features Harley Quinn, Bloodsport, and a group of other villains from other DC Comics. They form Task Force X, otherwise known as the Suicide Squad, headed by US goverment official Amanda Waller. The movie follows the team’s journey through a mission to the fictitious island Corto Maltese that takes an unexpected turn. 

After only seeing the trailer, this film stirs up questions in many viewers’ minds. This version of The Suicide Squad is confusing to a DC universe beginner because it has nothing to do with the first Suicide Squad released in 2016 or the more recent Birds of Prey which follows Harley Quinn’s search for her  identity after her relationship with the Joker. When presenting the movie to Warner Brothers, Gunn pitched the title The Suicide Squad as a joke and  producers found it too amusing to abandon. The creators could have gone with a more memorable or diverse name such as “Task Force X” or “Wallers Wacko’s,” but instead they decided to play an unfunny practical joke on the world.

A severe difference between the 2016 film and the 2021 film is the portrayal of Amanda Waller, a high ranking government agent who is universally feared for her merciless tendencies. In the 2016 rendition of Suicide Squad, Waller is an untouchable powerhouse who can use a single glance to stop anyone with malicious intent. In the newly released version Waller still made some cruel power moves that kept her character consistent throughout the films, but her overall ruthlessness was seemingly diminished. 

One thing that Gunn does not hold back on are the crazy creatures and outrageous scenes throughout the film. It is hard to imagine how he even fathomed some of the scenes presented in the movie. He also keeps longtime DC fans entertained with old beloved characters making appearances, like Colonel Rick Flag or Captain Boomerang, while also including new characters who are fresh to the DC universe. The most memorable new face is definitely the terrifying Weasel, who boasts a disturbing criminal record.

The Suicide Squad got a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes and the audience received the movie better than Sucide Squad. Personally, I did not enjoy this rendition as much as the first Suicide Squad. I felt that the storyline was a bit strange, with sudden deaths and gory scenes. Though it was jumpy, it did not lack entertainment. One part that I loved about The Suicide Squad is Actor Margot Robbie, who will forever have my heart as her portrayal of Harleen Quinnzel is absolutely perfect. If you ever doubt your creative talents, just remember the Warner Bros practically reused a movie title.  

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