Arafeh Offers Beginner Baking Suggestions

by Alia Arafeh

Editorial Editor

I love to bake and always have, but upon reaching high school, homework, extracurriculars, and my friends kept me very busy. During quarantine, I rediscovered my passion for baking and worked to perfect some of my favorite recipes. Everyone should have at least one recipe that they know how to make, so here are some easy dishes to try and why I recommend perfecting them.

Cinnamon rolls: These are so versatile and so easy to make once you practice the recipe a couple times. They are a good dessert, breakfast, or snack, and can be eaten really any time of the day. It is easy to make large batches of cinnamon rolls and share them with your friends — they will love you for it — or to make a smaller batch for your family. They are a timeless classic, and knowing how to make a good batch is life-changing.

Pasta dough: You’ll never have to buy pasta from the store again! Not to mention, homemade dough is smoother and more flavorful than store bought dough. You can be creative with the shapes, choose to add filling, or even dye the dough different colors. It takes only two ingredients and it is a culinary classic that any home chef can make. You’ll feel like an Italian grandmother, and making a pasta dish completely from scratch is very dignifying. 

Creme brulee: If you have leftover heavy whipping cream and some egg yolks, it’ll take a maximum of 20 minutes in the kitchen and an hour in the oven to prepare this beautiful French dessert. Though it takes minimum effort, creme brulee looks and tastes very impressive. This is one of my favorites (I make it almost once a month) and it is very difficult to mess up. Even though it may seem hard to make, don’t be intimidated by creme brulee, as it is very easy and very tasty!

Any type of frosting: Butter, sugar, vanilla, and maybe some cream cheese blended in a bowl — it’s that easy! Frosting is an important aspect of countless cakes, cupcakes, and cookie recipes, so why not find an easy recipe and learn how to make it right? Even if you’re using box mix to make your baked goods, homemade frosting makes all the difference without the artificial ingredients.

Even if you’re not a baker or not particularly skilled in the kitchen, you should have your own signature dish that you can whip up and be proud of. There are many more easy recipes out there and endless reasons why you should make them. Now it’s up to you to get cooking!


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