El Gato Recommends: The Map of Tiny Perfect Things and More

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things:

My dad is horrible at picking movies, and even worse at identifying cute actors, so I was already hesitant when he said, “Cara, I have a movie that you would love,” and “there is a cute boy in it.” Although I was worried, my family and I dove into the new Amazon Prime original movie The Map of Tiny Perfect Things. This movie did not shock me whatsoever, because it perfectly matched my hypothesis of what it would be like. The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is any average film about teens who get stuck on the same day. It conformed to the generic norms of a love story into a movie that did not need it. The acting is average and the story line is not fresh. And dad, the boy wasn’t that cute. 

– Cara DavidsonPublic Relations Manager

Lie, Lie, Lie:

On Jan. 15, singer-songwriter Joshua Bassett released his new single Lie Lie Lie. The song accompanies Only a Matter of Time, another Bassett original song, as the only prereleases off Bassett’s highly anticipated self-named EP, out on Mar. 12. With a lively backing track and scathing lyrics, Bassett makes a confident statement with Lie Lie Lie. Bassett’s expert riffs and gifted tenor voice make the track a pleasure to listen to. The song depicts a real-life situation in which a friend informed Bassett that someone he had trusted spread rumors about him. The smashing song leaves listeners wanting more from the Disney star.

– Sonali MuthukrishnanNational/World Editor

Positions Deluxe:

On Jan. 29, singer, actress, and songwriter Ariana Grande released the deluxe edition of her hit album Positions. Although the deluxe version was dropped over a month ago – three months after the original album first debuted – many of her avid listeners are just now beginning to tune into her newest pieces. Featuring new songs including test drive, worst behavior, and the 34+35 Remix — featuring well known female artists Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion — the deluxe edition of Positions is well worth a listen.

– Georgia KaufmanHumor Editor

Photo courtesy Variety

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