El Gato Recommends: Maude Latour, Morgan Wallen, and Sara Kays

Maude Latour:

If you’re looking for some new, funky, and fresh indie tunes that also reach deep into the metaphysical realm, look no further than Maude Latour. The singer-songwriter, New York City native, and Columbia University student serves up exquisite vibes with her signature voice and chic instrumentals on all of her tracks. Some of Latour’s top songs, like Furniture and Superfruit, will have you belting the lyrics out and help you complete the indie aesthetic you’ve been trying to achieve for so long.

– Ethan Sanders, People Editor

Morgan Wallen:

On Jan. 8, 2021, at 12 AM EST, country singer Morgan Wallen released his first double album, Dangerous. The album includes some of his already released and extremely well regarded songs such as 7 Summers, More Than My Hometown, and Heartless. With featured artists Ben Burgess and Chris Stapleton, and harmonies that merit a chef’s kiss, this one hour and 37 minutes of ear crack is only a fraction of the absolute smackers that Wallen has produced, but showcases his talent and expertise beautifully.

– Georgia Kaufman, Humor Editor

Sara Kays:

Sara Kays, a 21-year-old singer-songwriter from Indiana, recently became Tik Tok famous with her single Remember That Night? Kays also reached spot number five on the Rolling Stone’s Breakthrough 25 chart this year. This Indie-Pop artist carefully crafts her music, writing from her personal experience. Kays discusses divorce, self-harm, eating disorders, teenage relationships, heartbreak, making her music easily relatable. With her soothing voice, Kays pours emotion into every piece she creates. So far, the singer-songwriter has graced her fans with two EPs. The most recent one, Camera Shy, came out in October. Overall, Kays’ unique lyric writing talent makes her songwriting skill undeniable and worth a listen.

(Sources: Genius, Rolling Stone)

– Sonali Muthukrishnan, National/World Editor

Photo courtesy Atwood Magazine

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