Muthukrishnan Discusses Netflix’s Happiest Season

by Sonali Muthukrishnan

National/World Editor

On Nov. 25, Happiest Season, a cute queer Christmas movie, premiered on Hulu. The movie, directed by Clea DuVall, stars Kristen Stewart, Daniel Levy, Aubrey Plaza, Victor Garber, and many more. This wildly successful film is the perfect addition to any movie night.

Happiest Season’s plot revolves around a queer couple: Abby, played by Stewart, and Harper, portrayed by Mackenzie Davis. 

The movie begins one year into the couple’s relationship. Abby is planning to propose to Harper on New Year’s Eve. The pair discusses their holiday plans and Harper blurts out that Abby should join her and spend Christmas with her family. On the way over, Harper breaks down and confesses that she lied about coming out to her family and that they still don’t know that she and Abby are dating. Abby reluctantly agrees to go along with the lie for their five-day visit. 

When the couple arrives at Abby’s childhood home, hilarity ensues. In addition to Harper’s wacky family, Abby’s sarcastic friend John, played by Levy, adds to a vibrant cast of characters who bring this movie to life. The film has the perfect balance of funny moments and cliche fluff. One lovely moment takes place when John and Abby discuss the struggles of coming out. John shares his heartbreaking coming out story, contrasting Abby’s sweet one, showcasing the wide range of experiences and people in the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Overall, this movie is terrific and very well crafted. DuVall and the cast help encourage societal normalization of queer identities within this movie by representing them. The uncomfortable moments speak to the improvements that our society should make. Born into a stereotypical Republican family that seems picture-perfect, Harper feels pressured to give the appearance of being straight because of her parents’ expectations. By the end of the movie, Harper finds acceptance for who she is and gains the support of her family regarding her sexuality. 

However, there is one obvious critique. Harper ends up with Abby, even though Harper treats Abby horribly throughout the movie. This mistreatment is frustrating, showing the audience clear signs that this may be a toxic relationship; however, this is a Christmas movie, so a different ending might have been too much to expect.

Ultimately, Happiest Season is an incredible film that is a must-watch during the holiday season.


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