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Freshman Caitlyn Simons Excels in the Classroom and on the Soccer Field

by Emily Duvall

Culture Editor

As the class of 2024 has had to transition into high school like no other class before, freshman Caitlyn Simons has excelled in and out of the classroom, despite this year’s uncertainties. Simons can be found rigorously working on her soccer technique or exploring the depths of numerous Netflix shows. She is a cheerful and ebullient person who is ready to take on the rest of high school.

Simons revels in her online courses thus far, saying she finds online school “nice because I have something to do during the day. It keeps me motivated because I know that what I am doing is better than being bored.” As for her transition into LGHS, Simons shared how the beginning of high school online was “a little tough trying to navigate all the new apps that are so different to the ones we used in middle school. But after the first few weeks passed, it became smoother and ever since then there have been only a few problems.”

Along with being proficient in her school activities, Simons is quite talented on the soccer pitch outside of school. Simons currently plays competitively for De Anza Force Soccer Club and had previously played for California Thorns FC on the girls’ side. Simons thrives in the soccer environment, as she has been involved in the same club for 9 consecutive years. Her current team plays in the Elite Clubs National League, which is most commonly referred to as the top league in the nation. Simons competes as an attacking midfielder. 

Outside of her De Anza Force team, Simons was hand selected on multiple occasions to play for the prestigious Olympic Development Program (ODP), a competitive travel team that plays teams all across the country; Simons competes with the Northern California section. In addition to this, Simons has also played with the Players Development Program (PDP), where teams represent more specific regions of California instead of only NorCal and SoCal. She aspires to play Division I college soccer in her future. Speaking about the soccer community, she exclaimed, “After playing for so many years, I’ve met so many incredible people, and it’s such a small world in soccer; everybody knows each other. And, sometimes you play someone and next thing you know you’ll see them in the grocery store.”

Simons spent the earliest years of her life in Queensland, Australia. She moved to Los Gatos when she was two years old, but she continues to hold Australia close to her heart. She ventures back there every other year not only simply to be there, but also to visit and spend time with her mother’s side of the family.

Simons works diligently on her coursework, and continues to put immense dedication and effort into soccer. Watch out for her mad skills on the soccer field or her hint of an Australian accent once campus is back open!

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