Harry Styles’ Fine Line Celebrates One Year Anniversary

by Alex Evans

Local News Editor

Harry Styles second album Fine Line celebrates its first anniversary on Dec. 13, 2020. Coming in at 47 minutes and featuring 12 tracks, Fine Line accumulated 109 million streams and 390,000 purchases in the first week released. Style’s first self titled album, Harry Styles, released in May of 2017 was also extremely successful. The album helped boost Styles’ already prominent presence in the music industry after his role in the boy band One Direction, making him the twentieth most listened to artist on Spotify. Styles was scheduled to go on tour for Fine Line throughout 2020 and into 2021, but the coronavirus pandemic interrupted his plans. 

Styles’ incredible success and prominence in the music industry has also followed him into his fashion and screenplay features. In recent years, Styles has modeled for Gucci in their mens’ Tailoring Campaign and as the face of their universal scent, Mémoire d’une Odeur. Styles continues to impress, as he will be the first solo male to grace the cover of Vogue. Serving as a style icon to many, making the cover of Vogue is fitting for Styles. 

Styles’ career in movies launched with his role of Alex in the 2017 war film, Dunkirk. Styles is also set to play the lead in Olivia Wilde’s Don’t Worry Darling among co-stars Florence Pugh and Chris Pine. 

 Fans obsess over Styles’ continued style choices, taking his lyric from the song Cherry, “There’s a piece of you in how I dress,” literally. After spotting Styles wearing a dashing J. W. Anderson cardigan, many took up crochet hooks and knitting needles to meticulously recreate the look. Again, after spotting Styles sporting a pearl necklace, many fans sought replicas. The recreations do not stop here, as many fans have purchased his exact rings and copied the designs which he paints on his nails.

All of this attention does not go to waste, because Styles uses his platform to spread positivity and promote many causes. Styles has branded himself with the slogan, “Treat People with Kindness” appearing on his merchandise and as the eleventh track on Fine Line. Styles expresses his support of the LGBTQIA+ community by dancing with pride flags in concert and sporting a pride flag sticker on his staple guitar. Another cause Styles has advocated for is the Black Lives Matter movement, showing his support through Instagram and being spotted at a BLM protest in Los Angeles earlier in the year. 

With the help of his debut album, Fine Line, movie work, and fashion influence, Styles has worked to build a brand and collect a strong following. As the anniversary of Fine Line approaches, fans are excited to celebrate his success and anticipate many music releases in coming years.

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