El Gato Recommends New Music

Ariana Grande’s 34+35″ 

by Michaela Thimot

National/World Editor

On Nov. 17, Ariana Grande dropped a lively music video for her song 34+35 just weeks after pleasing millions of fans with the release of her sixth studio album Positions. In the science-fiction-themed music video, Grande portrays a doctor in a high-tech lab working on creating a robot version of herself. Similar to her other music videos, she displays a dramatic fashion transformation, showing off her sleek fashion sense. The video, directed by Director X, features the young pop star moving to her own beat, accompanied by a group of perfectly choreographed dancers. Grande’s unbelievable voice and uniquely crafted lyrics make watching her video on repeat for hours the ideal way to spend the day.


by Jenna Roselli

Center Editor

Since ACDC’s last album, 2014’s Rock or Bust, the band lost their original rhythm guitarist, Malcolm Young, who passed away that same year. Angus Young, ACDC’s lead guitarist, lost a brother, and Stevie Young, the band’s succeeding rhythm guitarist, lost his father. Many thought this was the tipping point after almost five decades of replacements, firings, rehirings, tragedy, and loss, but the band’s love for and addiction to creating masterpiece after masterpiece prevailed. With their sixteenth studio album POWER UP, the group continues to produce and reinvent timeless riffs, beats, and grooves to achieve the rock and roll perfection that AC/DC embodies.

The Jonas Brothers’ “I Need You Christmas” 

by Emily Duvall

Culture Editor

Ever since they reunited in Feb. 2019, the Jonas Brothers have been unstoppable. Their new holiday song, I Need You Christmas, released on Oct. 30, is undeniably the Christmas tune that 2020 needs. Unlike their holiday hit from last year, Like It’s Christmas, their song this year exhibits delicate, angelic melodies coming from the piano and violin, in contrast to their bouncy, upbeat tune from 2019. By encapsulating the value the brothers place on their childhood and past Christmas family memories, this song proves that this year, despite how different it will be, we need Christmas to come more than ever. 

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