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OPINION: Chan Argues Against “Foco”

by Jordan Chan

News Editor

You might be asking yourself: what are the hottest fall trends during the COVID19 pandemic? Breaking social distancing guidelines and posting about it on your social media, apparently. 

In the past few weeks, you might have scrolled through social media and seen a bunch of high schoolers posting about “foco,” a fake homecoming to replace Los Gatos High School’s coronation dance. If you were to look through the cheerful, unmasked faces, you might think the pandemic isn’t even happening. However, since this is quite clearly not the truth, showcasing this reckless behavior on social media is not only harmful for the people in these photos, but for everyone else who sees them.

These partygoers might be thinking: “aren’t you being a little harsh? We just wanted to have some fun! It’s not hurting anybody but ourselves. We wore masks while we weren’t taking photos!” Despite these dismissive remarks, their actions have more consequences than they might believe. When other students see people having fun and hanging out without masks, not only do they think breaking guidelines is permissible, they also forget the magnitude of the situation in which we are living. Over one million people worldwide have died of COVID-19, 200,000 of those deaths being United States citizens. It is irresponsible to think that the virus and the tragedies it brings with it will go away anytime soon.

 I also want to mention that safely spending time with a friend or two is completely different from hosting or attending a large gathering and posting about it. Naturally, the safest option is to avoid any and all non-essential physical interaction with others, but sometimes people must attend to priorities that require contacting others. However, no matter what your excuses are, it does not make sense to go to large social gatherings like “foco.”

At the very least, if students are going to break guidelines, they should try not to advertise this kind of behavior online. When they do, not only are they spreading the virus by partying in the first place, they are spreading the idea that it is okay to act in this way. 

In the future, we need to spend more time considering the consequences of our actions because the truth of the matter is that the pandemic is not just going to disappear. And yes, it has been difficult. It will continue to be difficult. However, we need to try our best and do what we can to prevent the spread of the virus. And that might mean we need to sacrifice a few things here and there, including school dances.

(Source: CDC)

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