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District Announces Paul Robinson as New LGHS Interim Principal

by Sasha Ryu


This evening, Superintendent Michael Grove announced Paul Robinson’s appointment as Los Gatos High School’s new Interim Principal. Over the span of his 40 years as an educator, Robinson worked as a teacher, coach, student counselor, and administrator at several elite schools across California. After serving nearly a decade serving as Saratoga High School’s head principal, Robinson stepped down to spend more time with his family. However, not even a year later, his services would once again be needed to fill former LGHS principal Kristina Grasty’s newly vacant position.

“I was blessed to work at Saratoga High School for my last seven years, and got to know so many Wildcat students and staff along the way” Robinson commented. “Ms. Grasty and I were always working together and helping one another when issues popped up at our schools so when I discovered they were having trouble finding a new principal I wanted to help. It’s hard to replace someone as wonderful as Ms. Grasty so I thought, ‘Stick me in the position temporarily until you get the person you want.'”

With the school year scheduled to begin in the midst of a global pandemic and one of the largest civil rights movements in modern US history, Robinson faces a daunting task. Leading the education of thousands of students completely online certainly seems to be a unique and unprecedented challenge; however, to Superintendent Grove, Robinson’s decades of experience and his tenacious spirit make him the perfect candidate for the position. 

“Throughout his career, Paul has been known for his work ethic, strong character, and his ability to build trusting relationships and positive school culture,” Grove wrote in a recent school-wide email. “I believe that Paul’s deep experience, ability to build strong, trusting relationships, familiarity with our community and district, and his calm and steady leadership make him an ideal Interim Principal for Los Gatos in the midst of so much uncertainty,” he added.

Mr. Robinson also feels optimistic about the situation at hand.

“I love being at a high school, which is why I volunteered as the district service learning coordinator last year. Now, I’ll get to be on campus through this very strange year we’re going to have amid the COVID-19 pandemic. I just want to help everyone make it through this year” he explained. “I truly believe we’ve been given an opportunity to grow stronger together even though we may not be able to physically be together as the year begins.  It won’t be easy, but things that last never are easy.  The struggle is what deepens our commitment and resolve. Wildcats together will make the biggest difference!”

According to the district, Mr. Robinson will begin his duties “effective immediately.” While conducting research for her PhD, Mrs. Grasty will continue to serve within the LGHS administration as Assistant Principal. Meanwhile, last year’s LGHS Assistant Principal, Brian Thompson, will return to Saratoga to serve as an Assistant Principal to Greg Louie.


Interim Principal Robinson serving pancakes at a Saratoga Music Boosters fundraiser (2019).


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