OPINION: People should accept Tyra Banks’ apology

By Sonali Muthukrishnan

News Editor

Recently, Tyra Banks addressed critics who attacked her unnecessarily cruel remarks and tactics on “America’s Next Top Model” after clips of her show resurfaced. She has faced increased criticism over her apology, and I believe this backlash is unnecessary. Banks, 46, is a model and TV persona. She hosted the show for almost every episode before it ended in 2018. 

In her apology on Twitter, Banks stated, “Been seeing the posts about the insensitivity of some past ANTM moments, and I agree with you.  Looking back, those were some really off choices. I appreciate your honest feedback and [I] am sending so much love and virtual hugs.” Banks’ apology comes after Danielle Evans, a professional model, made a statement condemning her treatment on the show. In 2006, a clip aired in which Banks and other judges pressed Evans to close her gap tooth with surgery. They insisted that she would never win the prized modeling contract with the facial feature. 

“So, Danielle, you went to the dentist, but you refused to have your gap closed,” Banks said to Evans “Do you think you can have a CoverGirl contract with a gap in your mouth? This is all people see –” Banks put her finger between her own two front teeth“–It’s not marketable.” Towards the end of the season, Evans won the prized contract after agreeing to lessen her tooth gap. 

Furthermore, Banks led a photoshoot in Season 13, which had the models darken their skin tones to portray different races, and critics condemned the shoot as “blackface.” However, Ken Mok, a producer of the show, came to Bank’s defense, stating, “Just an FYI – the entire creative team made the choices in those shows – not just Tyra. So please feel free to yell at me for some of the worst moments in ANTM history! Apologies to all.”

There is no way for Banks to fix what she has done in the past. However, she acknowledged and apologized for her actions to show that she has grown as a person. Banks should not face further reprimand for her history because she realizes that her insensitive actions were wrong. The other producers of the show have similar apologetic feelings, matching Banks’. People can learn from their mistakes, and even though it is easier to pile on and cancel them, we must remember that they are people too. At different times in our lives, we have made mistakes, insensitive comments, impulsive acts, or were too honest about what we were thinking. Many of us regret our actions. What helped us learn from these experiences was the regret that we felt. We have to bestow this generosity onto others because we are not flawless. 

(Source: CNN, Twitter)

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