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Saratoga Econ Club Debuts Speaker Series, “COVID-19 and the Economy”

by Sophie Sullivan

Media Production Editor

This Fri., May 29, Saratoga High School’s Economics Club will host an online speaker series entitled “COVID-19 and the Economy” featuring speakers with extensive experience in business. The club is organizing the event, which will take place through a Zoom video conference, with the hopes of being able to “reach and inspire a global community of high school economists” and ultimately expose high schoolers to topics relevant to the field of economics.

The current speaker lineup includes Roy Bahat, the current head of Bloomberg Beta and lecturer at UC Berkeley; Ajay Shenoy and George Bulam, both professors at UCSC; Scott Baker, a professor at Northwestern; Mark Brady, a professor at SJSU; and Janice Albright, the owner of Big Basin Burger Bar in Saratoga, CA. Speakers will discuss the effects of coronavirus on the economy and international plans to mitigate the situation and recuperate losses. During each speaker’s roughly 15-minute talk, attendees are encouraged to submit questions to be answered following the presentation in a short Q&A session.

To attend the event, fill out a pre-attendee form for free at tinyurl.com/COVIDspeaker. The speaker series will run from 4:30 to 6:30 PM PDT, though audience members do not have to stay for the entire duration and can leave during intermission. A link to the Zoom conference will be emailed to attendees prior to the event.

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