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Local resident saves ducklings amid pandemic

By Jackie King

People Editor

For over three years, a wild duck has claimed Los Gatos resident Xiang Sun’s backyard as its home. Sadly, the friendly duck that made Sun’s yard its safe place to lay and raise chicks was killed by a bobcat, leaving her nest of newly laid eggs without a mother the week of Apr. 13. 

Feeling responsible for taking care of the late duck’s nest, Sun knew he had to save them. Scooping up the 11 eggs, Sun expressed he had no idea what was in store. 

Knowing he could “do something,” Sun scavenged the internet hoping to find an answer, thinking “maybe [he] could hatch some [of the eggs].” After hours of online research, he decided he could attempt to hatch some, stating he “just tried saving some lives” despite his lack of experience. He eventually turned to his neighborhood social media network for help and was shocked when over 20 people replied with helpful tips and heartfelt advice. 

Although Sun had no idea what to expect at the beginning of this journey, the quest to save the ducklings’ lives turned into a welcome distraction from the coronavirus pandemic. Placing the eggs under a lamp, he rotates them exactly 45 degrees every hour, placing an “X” and an “O” on each egg to keep track of the individuals and their movements With the help of a friendly neighbor, Sun procured an incubator to put the eggs in, providing them with a more consistent environment. 

The first ducklings hatched on Tues., Apr. 21, exciting Sun and all of the people invested in his little quest to save lives. Sun expressed his gratitude for the people around him saying “so many neighbors [are] helping me with suggestions and just encouraging me. I think that it’s a good ending. It’s a good start for the small ducklings.”

Sun is planning to take the ducklings to the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley after all of them hatch, a sweet ending to a cheerful story.  

(Sources: NBC Bay Area)

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