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Basketball Season Comes to a Close

by Maddie Dewhirst

News Editor

The basketball season has officially come to a close, leaving players and fans feeling bittersweet. The boys’ Varsity team’s season ended after the first round of the Central Coast Section (CCS). The girls’ Varsity team progressed further, losing in the semi-finals of CCS, but still managing to get a bid to NorCals, where they then lost in the semi-finals. 

The boys’ Varsity team ended their season 10-15 overall, and 3-9 in league. They lost in the first round of CCS to Salinas High School on Feb. 21. Despite the early lead that the Cats built in the first quarter of the game, they lost every consecutive quarter, resulting in a final score of 37-39. Varsity captain and LGHS senior Archis Chinmulgund reflected: “Basketball has been a big part of who I am, and I am grateful for all my teammates and coaches.” 

The boys’ Varsity seeks to improve upon their record next season, and has some exciting new faces that will be moving up from the JV team. 

The girls’ Varsity team started CCS strong, but fell in the semi-finals. They ended their season 21-9 overall and 8-4 in league. The Cats began CCS with a win over Independence High School on Feb. 22. The Cats executed well in terms of defense, holding the 76ers to eight points in the first half, and won the game 56-31. On Feb. 25, Los Gatos beat Sequoia in overtime with a final score of 32-31. After only scoring two points in the first quarter, the Cats relied on their defensive strength until their shots began to fall. Two days later, Palo Alto ended the Cats’ run during the semi-finals. The Cats lost the home game 45-37 in a tough match against the rival Vikings. 

Against all odds, the girls’ team got a bid to NorCals. They travelled to Auburn on Mar. 3 to play Placer High School. A step-back three from junior Oliva Lo won the game for the Cats 53-50, in addition to the high energy that the team carried throughout the game. 

In the quarterfinals, the Cats were finally able to beat Palo Alto High School. The redemption was sweet for the Cats, as prior to that game the Cats had not beaten Palo Alto since the 2015-16 season, adding up to 11 consecutive losses. Los Gatos won the game 47-44.

“Finally beating Paly was an amazing feeling because we worked so hard as a team to do so. It was the best moment of my high school career, and it is something I will never forget for the rest of my life,” remarked Varsity captain senior Sabrina Belquist.

Despite their impressive victory on Mar. 5, the Cats lost to Saint Mary’s in the NorCal semifinals. Although Los Gatos was up at the end of the first half, the Panthers were able to use their athleticism to institute a successful full court press that stymied the Cat’s offense. The Cats lost 46-61, and Saint Mary’s went on to win NorCals. 

After the game, Beliquist commented “This season was the best season I have ever played in because of my teammates who worked hard every day and pushed me to get better. I have never been on a team with such good chemistry and I think it showed on the court when we played together.” 

Despite the disappointing loss, the girls’ Varsity team looks to come back even stronger in the 2020-21 season. 

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