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Wagner Reviews Photo Roulette

By Caroline Wagner

Graphic Designer

Wondering what are some fun things to do with your friends? The most recently trending app, Photo Roulette, offers an exciting activity for friends to laugh over. The free app involves a multiplayer option where friends can join the same game. The app randomly selects photos from any of the participants’ camera rolls, and the players then have to guess whose camera roll it came from. The person who correctly guesses the owners of the photos the most wins. The thrill of seeing embarrassing selfies, screenshots of memes, and group photos makes the game exciting, and leaves you wanting to start one round after another.

The host can send a unique code for players to join

The players then have to guess whose camera roll the photo belongs to

Winners are declared after 15 rounds. If your friend group is looking for some excitement, Photo Roulette is the perfect activity to shake things up!

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