Wagner photographs Local Viewpoints

By Caroline Wagner

Graphic Designer

Ask any teen about what they do for fun around Los Gatos, and they will probably mention driving to viewpoints with their friends. A favorite pastime of the average teen, the viewpoint experience offers an escape from the chaos of everyday life, and the vast geography surrounding Los Gatos provides countless spots to look down at the beautiful valley.

Some of my favorite viewpoints in the area include: Skyline, Hicks Road, Kennedy, Cypress Way, Donkey Hill, Mt. Uminum, Russian Ridge, and Apple Drive.

Skyline, located in the mountains behind downtown Saratoga, offers a view of the entire valley.

The windy drive along Hicks Road provides a beautiful forestry scene. A pullout along the side of the road allows you to stop at a reservoir along this road.

A stop along Kennedy allows you to overlook the entire forest.

Cypress Way, now undergoing construction, was the perfect spot to look upon the town.

The iconic Donkey Hill is the ideal location for a picnic or stargazing. 


Apple Drive’s storage containers, located in the Santa Teresa County Park, provide an interactive experience.

 Russian Ridge is located far above the clouds, and the sunsets are spectacular.

If you are looking for something affordable and exciting to do with your friends, viewpoints are the perfect place to go on a journey with them.

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