Muthukrishnan visits Lisa’s Tea Treasures

by Sonali Muthukrishnan

News Editor

A Holiday Adventure!

Tea is the solution for every problem life can throw at a human being, and going to tea has always been a tradition that my mom and I share. Over Thanksgiving break, my little brother, grandma, and aunt tagged along for a tea-time adventure.

Recently, a new Lisa’s Tea Treasures opened up in Campbell. Lisa’s Tea Treasures used to be a favorite of my mom and I’s before the Pruneyard location closed, so we were very excited to try this newly opened location. 

After booking a two-hour reservation on a Sunday afternoon, we piled into the car and headed over to the Campbell location. Walking into the tea place, we were greeted by a quaint and adorable waiting room, with lots of goods to admire and buy. Due to the proximity of the holiday season, the shop was decked out in the Christmas spirit. Quiet chatter filled the large store that had 3 rooms to seat guests. My family and I waited a few minutes before we were seated by an enthusiastic host. 

Though the food and tea seemed pricey, in comparison to other tea shops in the Bay Area, Lisa’s Tea Treasures has relatively low prices. There were many different food and tea options, which came in the form of cleverly named tea assortments. There was an appropriate amount of vegetarian savory food options, and substitutions were available if needed. The tea selection was excellent, featuring a wide array of black, green, white, and herbal teas. A tea assortment, designed to fit the needs of one person, came with a pot of tea and fun finger foods. If guests chose to share their assortment, then they would have to pay 15 dollars. 

Overall, my family and I had an overwhelmingly positive experience at Lisa’s Tea Treasures. The service, ambiance, and quality level of the tea shop made our afternoon adventure peaceful and fulfilling. There was something to eat for everyone, even the pickiest of our group, my little brother, found food options that were to his liking. The fun, festive spirit of the shop and the kind staff made the afternoon enjoyable. We had a wonderful time at the newly opened Lisa’s Tea Treasures, and we will be returning in the future. This holiday season, I encourage you to try something new and treat your family to tea at this beautiful location!

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