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LGHS Hosts Blood Drive

By Alaina Fox

News Editor

On Dec. 4, LGHS students organized and participated in the school’s semi-annual “Pint for Pint” event. Each semester, Leadership organizes a blood drive through the Red Cross, and stocks up on ice cream to give to participants.

Eagerly waiting in the small gym to get her blood drawn, junior Ruth Ann Kvamme explained, “I decided to donate blood because I’ve never done it before. It’s a new experience for me, and I’ve always wanted to, as well just to help those in need.” She admitted, “it runs in my family to pass out, so I’m a little nervous.” Despite the accompanying anxiety, Kvamme said, “it’ll be good. It’ll be worth it.” By Kvamme’s side, fellow junior Danielle Prawat expanded, “I’ve always wanted to donate blood since my freshman year, so when I finally was old enough, I really wanted to help give back.”

To prepare, the Leadership class has to work with Red Cross to determine which dates work. Then, they recruit students to donate, publicizing the event through the morning announcements, flyers, the Wildcast, and word of mouth. ASB President Katie McEnroe described some of the preparation that occurred in the days leading up to the event, recalling that, “we did buy 51 pints of ice cream from Safeway the other day.” McEnroe also quipped, “that is the best thing that I’ve ever done in my life.” She expanded on what else goes on behind the scenes, noting that the Leadership students arrived at 7AM the morning of the drive and did not leave until well after school ended. The long day was worth it, however, to support the important cause. Alex Duckett, a Leadership student, remarked, “Our goal is to help the community and giving a pint of ice cream for a pint of blood is a fun incentive.”

“The blood drive is one of my favorite activities at the school, and I especially love watching students come together to support other students by gathering around the beds of those who chose to donate,” Ms. Chiodo, the Leadership teacher, commented. “I’m grateful to be a part and foster a community that values events like the blood drive.”

Though blood donors’ sign-ups filled all 60 spots, only about 50 students ultimately ended up giving blood. Leadership and Red Cross expect such results, since numerous factors can prevent students from giving blood. Height, weight, health, medication, iron deficiency, and travel outside of the country are all factors that the Red Cross looks at before allowing anyone to donate blood. McEnroe explained that the numbers of sign-ups and donations are close to what they see each year. No more than 60 people can sign up “because there’s just not enough time in the day,” though they prepare for fewer than 60 donations because “a lot of them can’t actually donate.”

Despite the fact that not every student can donate blood, the Red Cross appreciates every student who signs up. The Red Cross website says, “every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood.” Each life-saving donation is incredibly valuable. To get involved in the next Pint for Pint event, look out for sign-up opportunities in May of 2020.


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