Elizondo Critiques the Halftime Show

by Sami Elizondo

Humor Editor

Super Bowl LIII was a sight to be seen, but not in a good way. Imagine a dusty, dull piece of metal in an old shoe box. Now imagine these insignificant items broadcast for around thirteen minutes. What you get is thirteen minutes of pure entertainment when compared to this year’s halftime show.

I think that it is safe to say that the most memorable part of the performance was the five second clip of Spongebob, a show made for ages 6 to 11. Another hard-to-forget moment was Adam Levine flashing his tattoo-riddled body for the world to see. Believe me, I’ve tried erasing this image from my brain with little success. The biggest struggle that America faced on the third of February this year was no doubt the challenging task of staying awake for this year’s Super Bowl halftime show.

Sun., Feb. 3 was supposed to be monumental. People were supposed to talk about the immense energy and entertaining acts of the show for weeks. After all, Americans from coast to coast look forward every year to a halftime show that will completely knock their socks off. However, to their disappointment, there was nothing special about this show. It has been extremely difficult for the NFL to top Beyonce’s 2013 halftime performance, and this year’s show was more predictable than the win that the Patriots managed to steal yet again. For those of you who are fans of tradition, the results of the game were optimal, but if you lean towards the more unconventional, you had to undergo a double disappointment: the win for the Patriots and the most basic halftime show in the history of halftime shows.

Perhaps some of the disappointment was partially the fault of the hardcore Travis and Kylie following. This populous group of fans were really dying for an engagement – Kanye style – and were met with only one song from Scott; that was a real slap in the face. I am not even extremely opinionated in the way of celebrity gossip, but even I would have loved to see something other than the performance that sent my family into a fit of infectious yawning.

The performance was so incredibly boring that there is speculation among viewers that Maroon 5 was actually a safety option that the NFL had to resort to because other artists refused to play at the show. Now, if you were to ask me about the validity of this statement before I suffered through the halftime show, I would have said that it was started by ruthless haters. However, after the feeling of consistent nausea that I got from looking at parts of Adam Levine that I was never supposed to see, I would not be too surprised.

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