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Town Council Chambers showcases LGHS student’s artwork

By Sami Linden and Reegan McCluskey

Graphics Designer and News Editor

On Feb. 7, students from the LGHS Advanced Art Program (Art 2, 3 and 4) headed to the Town Council Chambers for the annual art show. over 30 students were able to see their paintings hanging on the wall in a new setting. The exhibition focused on oil paintings that the students created this past fall. Topics ranged anywhere from monochromatic portraits and animals to pieces revolving around the topic ‘Dare.’

Art 2 teacher Thad Smith explained, “Even though I see all of my students work on their art every day, I still get enthused, excited, and ultimately blown away by the end products and the way they are presented at the Chambers. Art 3 and 4 teacher Augustina Matsui added, “Having not officially been part of the event prior to this year, it was amazing to see my students’ work up in a professional setting. Smith also stated, “Every time you see artwork outside of where you make it, it puts it in a different light, and you can really see the artists’ effort and care.”

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