Opinion: Don’t post your entire concert experience on social media

by Nate White

Sports Editor

As I sat in traffic, anger and confusion ran through my brain. Not only was Highway 85 North a parking lot, I was driving for the sole purpose of dropping my brother and his friends off at a concert I was not even going to. I’m talking about the Post Malone concert at Shoreline Amphitheatre in July that half of the student body at LGHS attended. If you weren’t there and didn’t hear about, well you must be off the grid because I got to experience the concert via my phone.

After my Uber duties were finished for the night, I returned home bummed that I was not at the concert. I figured I might as well make the night productive and get some work for my summer marketing class done. The night went on and I had a simple dinner with my family, then retired to my bedroom. As I opened my phone, every single person on my contact list had posted a story on their Snapchat or Instagram. I scrolled through Post Malone with his famous face tattoos perform “Rich And Sad” from the back, left, right and middle of the lawn and from the seats close up. After seeing it so many times, I continued to click skip until there was a new song. After ten videos of “Rockstar,” I moved on to another seven of “Feeling Whitney.” By the time I was done just watching videos of the concert, 45 minutes had passed and I was sick of Post Malone’s voice.

Social media is a great environment for people to upload their lives, and I am okay with that. It really is a great environment to make friends and expand your social life. However, if I really wanted to go to that Post Malone show, Lollapalooza, or any concert, I would have bought the ticket. Fact is, I didn’t and that is my choice. It’s not the responsibility of the people who attended to film the entire show for my pleasure on an old iPhone. Please, do not feel the need to cover my Instagram with pictures and videos of your night.

I would also like to note that with one search on YouTube, I can see all the videos I desire of any artist. Let’s be honest, who likes watching videos of someone else’s night? With all due respect to you filmers, not a single inch of myself cares. Although, considering how reliant our world is on social media, I understand the attitude of going to a concert and posting it everywhere, will not change any time soon. All I ask, is that we limit the videos to two per account, that’s not too much to ask for… right?

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