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by Nate White

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Music continually develops through expanding genres, but also in the way artists make a name for themselves. Over the years rap music has attracted the attention of the public. This popularity can largely be due to modern rappers choosing to publish their own words on the app SoundCloud.

Founded by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss in 2007, SoundCloud allows users to upload their original music for listeners around the world. For aspiring artists looking to become famous and make money in the music industry, taking advantage of SoundCloud’s platform is the perfect route. Many previously undiscovered rappers have started using the app to disseminate their tracks. As more listeners have begun using SoundCloud, these rappers have started to make names for themselves.

Lil Uzi Vert is one such pioneer on SoundCloud. At just twenty-three years old, Lil Uzi Vert has now signed with Atlantic Records, making himself one of the world’s top rappers. His songs continue to dominate the charts, including one of his latest hits “The Way Life Goes.”

Another rapper with roots from SoundCloud is Lil Yachty. Lil Yachty gained popularity through original hits like “Minnesota” and has been featured on many songs with other rappers. Yachty maintains a strong fan base, seeing as he went from uploading music on SoundCloud to making Sprite commercials with LeBron James.

Over the past year, teenage rapper Lil Pump from Florida established his name as well. Pump throws together random beats with interesting lyrics to create his iconic tracks. Teenagers connect with Pump and his unique music. Songs like “Gucci Gang” and “Youngest Flexer” have established him as a legitimate rapper instead of a crazed teenager who screams into the microphone. Pump’s best friend from Florida, Smokepurpp, has also made a name for himself in rap. The two have been friends for years and continue to remain close friends despite their fame. They create songs together, but Smokepurpp also released his album “Deadstar” containing popular songs “Phantom” and “Audi.” The two look to keep their crazy lifestyle and continue to produce music.

Florida rapper XXXTentacion also started his career on SoundCloud. X reveals a promising music career, but continues to get himself in legal trouble. His hit song “Look at Me” gained him plenty of fans along with the track “Jocelyn Flores,” which appeals to teenagers dealing with depression. X’s albums contain both sad and crazy songs, as the rapper reveals signs of severe depression in his lyrics. His fellow SoundCloud rapper and friend Trippie Redd produced “F*** Love” with X. The song succeeds as the two rappers continue making music that appeals to teenagers dealing with similar problems.

Other rappers such as Ski Mask the Slump God and Famous Dex kicked off their careers through SoundCloud. Their music has attracted the attention of teenagers, which is evident in their ability to sell out shows everywhere they go. Groups such as Shoreline Mafia, and SOB X RBE have gained attention from teenagers as well, especially from fans in both groups home state of California. Many Shoreline Mafia songs begin with a recorded news report that claims the group is a bad influence.

Make sure to check out SoundCloud, and explore different types of music. These rappers continue to produce their music on the app, making it an easy route to access their music.

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