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Web Exclusive: ‘Twas the night of acceptances

by Abbi Berry

PR Manager


‘Twas the night of acceptances, when all through LG

Not a festivity was happy, not even a Christmas Tree;


The final grades were in by teachers around,

In hopes that students would live without frowns.


The admin were relieved to see the year half way down,

Even with the debacles from the rally and gowns.


And seniors stay up awaiting their dreams,

Only fear in the hearts of the class of ‘18.


When out on the screen there arose a notification,

Teens shook in their bed praying for celebration.


Away from their rooms, parents knocked on the doors,

Listening close, hoping for snores.


With a peak of a head and light illuminating the room,

The youth’s eyes widen, certain of their doom.


“Oh honey” parents’ voices break the silence,

Their uncomfortable smiles offering condolence.


When they enter the room, asking to check,

The students begin to hyperventilate for a sec’.


The horror of checking the college admissions,

Begins to tear apart their ambitions.


The students rise from their beds all a’shook,

Doing everything they can to shield their look.


To the computer screen they slowly came,

To view the admissions beside their names.

With a gasp and some tears and a few dozen hugs,

Students fall to the ground, rejoicing on their rugs.


Grateful for the work they had put in over the years,

They spring to their phones to alert all their peers.


Exclamations and smiles ring through the phones,

All around joyful spirits return to the homes.


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