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by Gabrielle Pollock

Culture Editor

Taylor Swift is a world-wide pop icon. From her debut album in 2006, Swift has come a long way. After exploring country music in her early years as an artist and she has gradually shifted into the pop genre, showing that Swift is an artist who is willing to take risks.

Her last two albums, Red and 1989, strayed from her country roots and gave us a glimpse into her pop music abilities. However, on Nov. 10, 2017, her new album Reputation, took not only her fans, but the media for a turn.

Shortly after her last collaboration with Zayn Malik on the single I Don’t Want to Live Forever from the movie Fifty Shades of Gray, Swift deleted her Instagram and went silent in the media. With a small teaser along the way, a few song releases, and a shocking music video, Swift released her latest album, Reputation, last week.

The album features a side of Taylor Swift that we’ve never seen before. Revealing her true feelings and raw, unfiltered perspective, the album discloses Swift’s darker side. Many of the songs bring attention to the people who have hurt her along her career path.

Though this album is by far her most controversial piece of work, it attempts to break down her reputation and give her a platform from which to start fresh.

Swift’s bold move on this album was bound to cause controversy amongst the media. With such a drastic and sudden shift from her old musical boundaries, the press delved into the meaning behind her music. Overall, the coverage created a split amongst Swift’s listeners: the ones who hate the album, and ones who love it.

Although many find this album to be outlandish and too extravagant, this track is a piece of art that deserves to be examined and enjoyed by her audiences.

Exploring the album, the main theme that seems to connect each song is the strong and deliberate beat that each single holds. These diverse and empowering rhythms allow Swift’s raw power and energy to seep through her music.

The first track on the album, …Ready For It?, features Swift’s rougher side, as the song leaves a harsh mark on the audience with its forward lyrics and singing. However, the song leads into a delicate melody with vibrant harmonies and light rhythm. Leaving the listener intrigued, this piece manages to evoke diverse feelings through its constant changes in tone.

Next up is End Game, a brilliant piece that incorporates dynamic and catchy sounds as well as known artists. Featuring Ed Sheeran and Future, the song boosts Swift’s image in this new territory of music. With lively tempos and appealing verses, the song mixes all three of these diverse artists into a musically magical combination.

Swift then reveals her untamed side with Did Something Bad, Don’t Blame Me, and Look What You Made Me Do. She rants and exposes many controversial topics about her media presence in these songs.

Then falling into her more raw and emotional side, Delicate, Dancing With Our Hands Tied, Dress, Call it What You Want, and New Years Day open up Swift’s harmonies and heartfelt lyrics that resonate in your ears.

This album is overall a change of direction for Swift that she is allowing us to explore with her. Controversial or not, there is something meaningful and truthful behind all her very diverse pieces within the album. We all are human and we all change and shift through life. Now, it’s Swift’s turn yet again to flip the page and reveal to us her life journey through her music.

(Sources: Moxie)

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