Dua Lipa self-titled album review

by Tatum Jenkins

Humor Editor

Dua Lipa, a new breakthrough pop star from England, pushes her way onto the list of to-watch artists with her debut self-titled album, Dua Lipa. A collection of songs bursting with vivacity and potential, this album, while not exactly original, manages to follow the usual popular song recipe in a new, refreshing way that keeps it exciting for even those fed-up with the songs on the pop charts.

From the third track, “Hotter Than Hell,” you can tell this is an album worth dancing to, even if it means pulling out your most embarrassing moves in public. A daring, pulsing dance party of a song, it definitely makes a space for itself on this album with its attractive use of electronic production and its energetic rhythm.

Immediately following is “Be The One,” which, despite its repetitiveness, you can’t help but latch onto given it’s infectious beat and simple lyrics. It’s a fun pop track that’s perfect for any occasion that requires an upbeat, light-hearted tune.

Like the aforementioned tracks, “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)” doesn’t stray far from the usual pop sound, but is still enjoyable and is guaranteed to make you sing and dance along because of its vibrant energy.

Unlike the other lively previous songs, “Homesick” turns the volume down on this party of an album with some raw piano, a slower pace, and delicate vocals. Its message about missing a loved one touches listeners and urges you to take a few minutes to take in this song. It offers a tender moment on an album otherwise filled with dance anthems.

Listeners have been giving special attention to “New Rules.” By far the most clever in terms of songwriting, this explosive track breaks through the confines of the typical pop song algorithm and mixes it up to create something intriguing and brand new. It makes use of a simple theme combined with an irresistible melody and smart lyrics to allow listeners to engage with the song.

While her album doesn’t necessarily distinguish itself from the albums of other pop female artists, it does have its moments of ingenuity that make it worth listening to. For Dua Lipa, this is a great starting point and hopefully, with some more time and creative control, she will make music that’s entirely her own in sound and motive.

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