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After her divorce from her previous husband, Lamar Odom, Khloé Kardashian is dramatically losing weight and has a new television show, Revenge Body. Kardashian guides 16 people struggling with weight or health issues and transforms their bodies and lives. Her new reality show tells the stories and recounts the progress of participants over a 12-week period “to fully transform them into the best they can be, inside and out.

The first episode premiered Jan. 12 on the E! Cable network after being announced more than a year before and follows two of the 16 people on their journey to lose weight. They have the opportunity to work with professional trainers and nutritionists, Kardashian, and receive makeovers from celebrity beauticians.

The first contestant, Will Ontiveros, was dumped by his boyfriend and now wants to get revenge. Over 12 weeks, he lost weight and gained muscles, courtesy of Kardashian’s own trainer. After leaving the show, Ontiveros shed more weight and started dating a new man.

Kardashian’s first episode also follows the journey of Stephanie Perez, a young woman who faced bullying from friends about her weight. After losing almost 30 pounds, she also wanted to work on her facial acne. With the help of Kardashian’s team, she achieved her goals and her past relationships with friends were resolved.

However, Kardashian’s show has been criticized for its motives. The idea of getting in shape for revenge appeals to some, but others fear the intentions are flawed. For example, critics believe the method and reasoning of working out in order to get revenge is not healthy for the morale of the contestants. Caitlyn Flynn, an editor at states, “the overarching message that the body should be used as a weapon is deeply problematic” and getting revenge through weight loss can spark “self-hatred”.

In contrast, many believe that Kardashian’s intentions are good. In fact, when she was motivating her contestants, she stated, “It’s not about a weight number, it’s about how you feel.” These words of wisdom resonate with the 630,000 viewers and keep them watching the participants’ success stories.

Kardashian has struggled with her weight in previous years before and after her marriage to Odom. After her divorce, she vowed to get “revenge” on her ex and haters by getting in shape to feel confident and happy with herself. Now, after the end of her other show, Kocktails with Khloe, she is helping others who are going through the same struggles she once endured.

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