SNL pokes at the presidential election

by Thomas Petroff

Sports Editor


With the start of a new season, Saturday Night Live (SNL) has created some of the most wild, absurd, and witty skits this year with only seven episodes shown so far. Politics have been drawn into the show as well as other creative satire on any random subject. Throughout season 42 of SNL, the celebrity hosts and musical guests come to thrill and entertain the audience.

With the election, politics have been the major subject at hand where Actor Alec Baldwin has played Donald Trump, while cast member Kate McKinnon played Hillary Clinton. The duo acknowledged the facts of the current election process and has made fun of each other through their discussions on live television.

Along with politics, one SNL episode hosted by Tom Hanks featured a skit called Haunted Elevator, in which an amusement park ride offers frightful scenes on each floor. However, many of the floors featured David S. Pumpkins, a man who does not shock the audience and rather confuses and humors them. Matt Patches of Thrillist Entertainment states, “If you’re like me, you’ll watch this sketch about a dozen times in hopes of understanding how two imaginative comedy writers came up with “David S. Pumpkins.” Clearly, the video was a hilarious skit to watch, especially in the month of Halloween.

Lin-Manuel Miranda of Broadway hits Hamilton and In the Heights hosted the Oct. 8 episode. Miranda can sing, compose, rap – you name it. His talents were shown in his many skits throughout the night, which were both insightful and comical. In his monologue, Miranda addresses that he just finished coming off from his Broadway musical, Hamilton. After informing the audience of his latest musical, Manuel rapped the song, “My Shot,” but tweaked the words so that the song had a different message. His performance was hysterical and entertaining at the same time as dancers followed Manuel’s footsteps. With the words, “I am not throwing away my shot,” Manuel meant to say that he will make the absolute best of his time on the show and show his talents.

With the most recent episode on Nov. 12, Comedian Dave Chappelle was the celebrity host and immediately focused on the issues of the election in his monologue. “America has done it” said Chapelle in simple terms. During his monologue he discussed other happenings in our country and made fun of certain issues that appeal the audience.

SNL has most definitely gotten back into the routine of things and is on its way to making another productive and hysterical season. The show always hopes to address as many relevant issues it can in humorous forms.

(Source: Thrillist Entertainment, Huffington Post, NBC)

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