Mass shooting injures and kills San Bernardino citizens

by Antonia Salisbury


On Dec. 2 14 were killed in a mass shooting in San Bernardino California at the Inland Regional Center, a center for people with developmental disabilities. In addition to the 14 victims, 17 other civilians have been severely wounded. The attackers targeted the conference center, where a staff holiday party was being held. The police never exchanged fire with the shooters, who were reportedly carrying with heavy-duty weaponry (including long rifles) and wearing body armor. Investigators are still unsure of the motive behind the shooting, but many reckon that it was an act of terrorism. All schools in the area were put on lockdown following the attack, as well as other “county facilities.” The suspects fled the scene in a black Yukon SUV, which the police identified around 3 pm, a few hours after the massacre.


San Bernardino Valley in Southern California.

Obama responded to the tragedy saying, “We have a pattern now of mass shooting in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world.” He went on to offer his condolences in the wake of the tragedy and assert, once again, that we must reform to prevent more tragedies.


Currently, the police department is estimating that there are one to three possible suspects, all of whom have yet to be apprehended. The police have resorted to using a tipline to expand the search; please call (866) 346-7632 if you have any tips or pertinent information regarding the shooting.
Sources: LA Times, CNN, KTLA

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