Californians prepare for dangerous weather conditions

by Sophie Comeau

Web Editor

The storm of the century is currently approaching Northern California. Meteorologists are saying that the Bay Area will receive an astonishing amount of rain over the course of the storm. Nearly 0.00000000000001 inches of rain are expected to fall from Santa Clara to San Francisco. This phenomenon called “rain” falls in small droplets at a rapid rate, making it very difficult for you to avoid being bombarded by water.

The governor has declared a state of emergency. Schools are closing, businesses are shutting down, people are being told to stay indoors, and news teams are covering the storm at all hours of the day. In preparation for this historic storm, the government of California is taking cautionary measures to ensure the safety of its residents. Here is a list that details what citizens should do during this time of crisis.

  1. If you can, do not go outside. Staying inside is the only way to truly protect yourself from the extremely dangerous rain. Exposing yourself to the rain could cause bodily harm, such as a common cold, the flu, and strep throat. These illnesses are often caused by storms that do not occur in California, making it even more dangerous to expose yourself to the perils of rain.
  2. Avoid driving at all costs. Driving in the rain is far different from driving when it is not raining. If you do need to leave the house for any reason, be sure to use helpful tools while driving, such as  “windshield wipers.” The point of this device is to wipe the rain from the windshield so that you can see clearly. Also, some cars are equipped with four-wheel drive. This fancy innovation allows for the cars to have more traction on the extremely dangerous and wet roads.
  3. In the event that you must leave the house, you should invest in the following: rain boots, a raincoat, and an umbrella. All of these could prove useful during this time of great peril. The rain may cause you to become wet because of the raindrops hitting your clothes. To avoid getting wet, a raincoat can be used. They are made specifically to ensure that your golden Californian skin does not get damaged by the rain. Also, shoes are made so that your feet do not get wet. These shoes, in particular, will keep your feet ready for flip-flop season and will give you an alternative to wearing your precious Birkenstocks. Also, an item that you do not wear but could use is an umbrella. A foreign object for many Californians, an umbrella is used to protect your entire body from the rain. This device keeps your perfectly done hair from getting ruined by the rain.

This small list can help keep Californians safe during this time of great peril. The 0.00000000000001 inches of rain might also cause extreme flooding, treacherous mudslides, power outages, and even may cause the large Redwood forests to come tumbling down.

Keep checking your local news stations for updates about the storm of the century as it ravages the Bay Area.

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