Reality TV show application process

by Shreya Koushik

Sports Editor

After last week’s season finale of Dating Naked, tens of fans are asking fascinating questions such as “Who would sign up to be on this show?” and “How little self esteem does one have to have to sign up?” The truth is, applying to reality TV shows is like the college application process.

photo courtesy of FlickrEach show has different prerequisites. Each applicant has prepared for ages to bring themselves to prime shape and mental ability; having safeties, targets, and reaches is a must. The selectivity of each show is based on skill or lack of skill level. A sample list could look like:


Shark Tank: must have good ideas worth an investment

The Amazing Race: must be able to perform challenges in different countries efficiently

Naked and Afraid: must be able to survive naked in the wild without killing partner or stepping on rocks


Say Yes to the Dress: must be either getting married or overeager

Biggest Loser: must be morbidly obese and willing to be verbally abused

The Bachelor(ette): must be moderately attractive and willing to sabotage every relationship one has ever had for a few hookups


16 and Pregnant: must be 16 and pregnant

Jersey Shore: must be orange and disgusting

Dating Naked: must be breathing and willing to be naked in front of a global audience

(Honor Roll: must have tattoos all over body)

Applicants must narrow down their list to a reasonable number of shows because the process only gets harder. After writing and submitting multitudes of essays and building a resume, applicants must choose between their options. Much like the college application process, applying to TV shows is gruelling and likely to leave the applicant drained of life, low on self-confidence, and with respect from anyone. Ever.

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