Local News

Helm Field unveiled

by Hyuntae Byun


 Around Sept. 15, Helm Field and the track will be open. The construction of the track is currently in its final stages, as construction teams have finished pouring asphalt and rubber onto the track and are in the middle of applying sealant. Teams are also transitioning into painting and striping the track. Currently, the track is on track for completion before the first home football league game, which will take place on Sept. 25. The turf installation has been finished, and last week administrators and construction crew members met to examine the work.IMG_5839

On the other hand, administrators predict that the baseball fields will be completed by Oct. 8. Construction on the baseball fields was delayed due to a lack of available dirt for the pitches. The construction team has worked to make up for the delay. As of last Friday, the teams made up five days and were only two days behind schedule.

IMG_5841Behind the stadium at Helm Field, construction is also underway for the new maintenance yard and new staff parking units. By Sept. 27, crews will begin installing portables for the maintenance yard, and construction is planned to be completed by December.

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