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By Ruth Murai

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Final Grade Calculator


Final Grade Calculator uses simple math that, of course, you’re way too busy procrastinating to do yourself. The website helps you figure out the lowest grade you can get on your final while still achieving the grade you want in your class. This awesome website works for multi-part finals, finals that count as test grades, and finals that are a percentage of your entire grade.


Self Control


Self Control is an app that you can easily download to your computer for free that will disable the websites you procrastinate on for a set amount of time. You simply create a list of websites and set a timer, and Self Control completely blocks those sites for that amount of time. This app is a fantastic way to ensure focus during finals week.


Khan Academy


Khan Academy is essentially free and unlimited tutoring in nearly every subject you can think of. Their website includes thousands of videos that can help with specific math issues or on conjugating french verbs. Khan Academy also includes practice problems and quizzes to make sure you understand a concept.




Got a ton of reading to do? Spritz is an app that can be downloaded on your computer or smart phone that helps you speed read easily and claims to maintain or even improve comprehension. Spritz makes reading faster, easier, and much better for studying.




If you’ve gotten through any part of high school without Quizlet, and you’ve maintained good grades, you’re probably a genius. For the rest of us, this incredibly handy website helps you create flashcards online that can be accessed on any computer or by using the Quizlet app on your phone. Quizlet can be used in any language and with Chemistry and Math equations.

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