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Link Crew introduces freshmen to LGHS

by Kelsey Fleming

News Editor

New year, new classes, new teachers—for many freshmen, high school means change, and for some, it can be a daunting experience. Each year, dedicated LGHS juniors and seniors take time out of their summer vacations to participate in Link Crew and help freshmen adjust to high school life.

On Aug. 14, hundreds of freshmen flocked to the Large Gym for the annual Freshman Orientation. Link Crew, a student orientation program, offers incoming freshmen guidance and resources for their first year of high school. For years, Link Crew has helped LGHS bridge the gap between classes and unite the student body. Fostering community and class spirit, Link Crew aids in the often arduous transition from eighth grade to freshman year.

This year, 462 students attended Freshman Orientation, and over 105 Link Crew leaders participated. Cultivating an environment of kindness and respect, Link Crew leaders helped freshmen feel comfortable expressing themselves and letting their creativity flow. Each Link Crew group performed an array of activities aimed at breaking the ice, some of which included name games and balloon pop.

Hard working and enthusiastic, Link Crew leaders mentored the freshmen and offered them advice for their first year. Senior Dean Marchant stated, “Being on Link Crew was great for me because I got to feel connected to the freshman class. As upperclassmen, sometimes we feel like we are superior to the freshmen, but Link Crew changes that. Link Crew helps the freshmen feel like they have the support of upperclassmen and our school as a whole, and gives them a chance to connect to their class and hopefully feel less pressure about transitioning to a new school environment.”

For senior Yasho Enz, this was her second year as a Link Crew leader. She said, “I chose to do [Link Crew] again because I had a lot of fun last year. It’s really nice to connect with the freshmen and welcome them to our school.” Enz elaborated, “It’s fun to see my freshmen around school and see how their year is going. This year, I had a couple freshmen that I hadn’t had in my Link Crew group come up to me on the first few days of school, asking me for directions to a classroom. I like that we helped create a welcoming environment where freshmen were comfortable asking for directions.”

After a day of fun activities and class bonding, LezLi Logan of the Home and School Club provided an assortment of pizzas for the freshmen and Link Crew leaders. With bellies full and brains packed with new knowledge and advice, freshmen left with optimism and determination—determination to start their high school careers off strong.

All Photos Credit to Giulliane Pate

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