Student Life

Read Works from Open Mic Night

by El Gato News

Masquerade by junior Lauren Finkle

It is the golden age,

the turn of the century,

the time when people make history.

Paris lights the world by night.

In the opera house is a masquerade ball,

and the people inside have it all.

Jewels covet throats and silk softens coats.

Dresses are one-of-a-kind,

but women’s sequins shimmer the same.

Masks make them undefinable,

mirror images except for the crookedness of their teeth.

People cannot see each other

for the masks they hide behind.

It is the twenty-first century.

the modern age.

Celebrities dominate the media

and Internet overtakes the encyclopedia.

In school is a collection of kids,

people that trade achievements like bids.

Sports claim schedules and college drives us mental.

We thrive on rubber soles against linoleum

and pencils across papers,

the soundtracks of our lives.

Football games are a must,

and no same outfit twice a month.

Being different is the new ideal,

but at the end of the day

we try to be different in the same way.

We conform without a second thought

and worry that our true selves will be caught.

People cannot see each other

for the masks they hide behind.

Another smile that isn’t real

is an added mile from where we want to be.

Another shot, another short skirt,

another lie where our eyes avert.

If we continue with this charade,

our true selves will fade.

Maybe the person beside you feels the same,

maybe the person behind you feels just as nervous as you,

and maybe, the people all around you are willing to be your support,

if only you should ask.

People cannot see each other

for the masks they hide behind.

What if you let yours slip?

Collected Works by freshman Max Partridge

If I could fly Superman shouldn’t
If I could throw a chicken that would be funny
If I could jump as high as mushroom it wouldn’t be that high
If I could write a good poem it probably wouldn’t be this
If I could smoke I wouldn’t
If I could cut onions without crying I would be a magician
If I could sing well I wouldn’t write poems
If I could be me I would

When I look out the mirror I realize I am looking at me
Then I look out a window I see a reflection of me
I walk outside to see a bee
I talk to people about a bee or me
I jump in the air to see Stan Lee
I am at the dump with a picture of mister Lee
I make a lot of delicious tea
I take a lot of delicious tea
I am a bad person

Americans love football
Americans love iPhones
Americans love Black Friday
Americans love Twinkies
Americans love Cats
Americans love Twitter
Americans love Facebook
Americans love YouTube
Americans love X-Box
Americans love Glee
Americans love Breaking Bad
Americans love McDonalds
Americans love Instagram
Americans love Vines
Americans love Apple
Americans love summer movies
Americans love Christmas
Americans love America

I am the pencil you cannot find
I am the itch that actually you mind
I am the money that you left at home
I am the test you forgot to study about Rome
I am the stain that won’t come out
I am the broken Wi-Fi rout
I am the movie with a scratch
I am the one dulled up match
I am the left ear bud that only works
I am the bully who always smirks
I am the Rubix cube that you cannot solve
I am the personality that always revolves
I am the leak in your cup
I am the broken printer that makes you fed up
I am the pen out of ink
I am the boat that finally sinks
I am the catchy tune that you hate
I am the problem that makes you late
I am the banana that went bad
I am the language of Chad
I am the YouTube video recommend for you
I am Google Plus, it sucks too
I am the taxes that never get paid
I am the earthquake that was never made
I am the kid that you were never suppose to have
I am that mosquito that you always miss to hit
I am the clothes that will never fit
I am the joke you don’t get
I am the joke you only get
I am the person in your closet
I am the leaky old faucet
I am the leftover no one eats
I am the car with empty seats
I am the stress that makes you go loco
I am the spilt gourmet hot coco
I am the present you forgot to give
I am the life you never lived
I am your mistakes
I am you

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