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Thursday Night Live Performances

by El Gato News

The talent at the 2014 TNL on Jan. 16 was astounding. With great hosts, seniors Nina Kramer and Anthony Abaci, and great performers, the show was a smash. Below are videos of that night’s performances. Feel free to re-watch and share your favorite acts!

  1. Secret by Dana Jaco and Nikhil Amin
  2. The Monster by Lauren Shusterman and Michael Shusterman
  3. Hallelujah by David Lee and Jon Suzuki
  4. Sort of by Colette Marcellin and Lauren Finkle
  5. Dance “Booty Swing” by Maddy Zamora and Tessa Wood
  6. Say Something by Austin Lee
  7. Electric Guitar Improv by Brendan Quigley
  8. White Blank Page by Olivia Mannina, Eve Javey, and Isaac Cornelius
  9. Jazz Duet by Isabel Queiroz and Lewis Fowler
  10. M8 by Efe Torunoglu
  11. House of the Rising Sun by Tinna Welkley and Ralph Aguayo
  12. Seven Nation Army by Alex Coady, Joshua Flowers, Anna Goldman, and Marin Rosinquist
  13. Loveclub/Timber Mashup by Tessa Carroll and Isaac Cornelius
  14. Roman Candle (Original Song) by Chris Perry
  15. Ach Ich Fühl’s by Megan Ingram
  16. Little Things by Paul Tolley, Richard Lui, David Lee, Nolan Lee, and Jon Suzuki
  17. Done by Sabrina Burnett, Mason Babb, Isaac Cornelius, and Teo Niemann
  18. Running Off by Jeff Suzuki
  19. Blues Brothers Tribute by Nitin Srinivasan and Jaydon Barnett
  20. Landslide by Shoshana Arad and Aidan Adams-Campeau
  21. Dream On by Maggie Niemann, Teo Niemann, Adrian Baldares, and Marin Rosenquist 

video credits to Haley Wade

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