Spirit Week Spring 2018

by Bradley Adams and Abbi Berry

Public Relations Managers

On Monday, the LGHS students sported their PJ’s on the first day of spirit week. Students wore outfits ranging from LGHS PJ’s to pink flamingo nightgowns. During lunch, the grades competed in pillow toss with the sophomores coming out on top.

On Tuesday, students dressed in twin and trio apparel, dressing identical to many of their friends. Students could be found rocking their denim on denim looks and even recreating the stellar looks from Sandlot. During lunch, the grades competed in a game of basketball with seniors taking the lead with the most hoops.

On Wednesday, students came to class representing their favorite sports teams as they dressed up for Jersey Day. During lunch, LGHS took to the pool deck where the grades competed in an aquatic obstacle course. Seniors swam to victory, with juniors close behind, sophomores in third, and freshmen in fourth with a for-fit.

Spirit Week began to wrap up on Thursday with Class Color Day. Seniors dressed in all black, juniors in orange, sophomores in blue, and freshmen in green. The lunch time game was bubble soccer, and juniors kicked their way to a win. LGHS students are gearing up for the rally Thursday night.

On Thursday night leadership put together LGHS’s first night rally in the large gym. Students competed in games, such as tug of war, musical chairs, and obstacle courses. Both the cheer and dance team put together amazing performances for everyone. Seniors won the rally, juniors came in second, sophomores in third, and freshmen in fourth.

LGHS students finished off the week with the 2018 Lip Dub. Students wore their team or club sportswear, dancing and having fun to the Black Eyed Peas, “I Gotta Feeling.”