Senji Torrey – Media Production Editor

Entering his second year as an El Gatan, and his first year as a media team member, junior Senji Torrey is thrilled for the 2020-21 school year. Other than soccer, the unfortunate talent of singing out of tune to any song, and taking just enough AP classes to appease his parents, Senji also enjoys the delicate activity of attempting to ignore his undeniably short stature. Though it is tough at times, it’s not all bad. This El Gatan has the pleasure of receiving one, and on good days two, daily sympathetic back-handed compliments. Something like “You’re not that short” or “I have a cousin who is shorter than you…but he’s five” really hits the spot. When the coronavirus finally calms down and students return to school, Senji aspires to be able to sit in a chair and not dangle his legs so as not to look like a elated kindergartner on his or her first day of school.