Emily Duvall – Humor Editor

El Gato veteran and esteemed junior Emily Duvall adds to the classroom environment with her undying love for boba, Green Day, and her zest for journalism. If you see her around the halls, be sure to ask her about her mess-of-a-music taste that consists of, but is not limited to, Taylor Swift, Glee Cast covers, Green Day, and Lorde. This ex-soccer goalie does not mess around, so feel free to toss something to her in the halls to see if she’s still got it. If you’re on the lookout for Duvall, make sure to give her a call because she loves to chat it up over the telephone. To win over Duvall is quite simple, have a cool Pinterest account, or go with her to Tpumps Tuesday. As she has been on staff since her sophomore year, Duvall will be tearin’ it up this year as a Humor Editor, while continuing to write in passive voice.