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LGHS Volleyball Season approaching end

By: Jane Wilde

Culture Editor

With only five total league matches left, the LGHS girls’ volleyball season is approaching the finale of its 2023 season. The team has pulled through with many impressive victories, ranking as one of the top teams in the Central Coast Division One. Moreover, the girls’ teams are happy with their league game results and are prepared to dominate in the CCS playoffs. 

Winning nearly every game this season, Girls’ Varsity volleyball continues to kill both on the court and in their community. The girls are setting up this season with positivity and resilience, translating to even stronger play on the court. Feeling optimistic about the season, sophomore Portia Zeidler expressed, “The season has been going great so far. We are excited to start CCS playoffs! This year we have new coaches who really push us to become great players and teammates.” With new coaching staff this year, Junior Mia Halsey described new drills that would have otherwise not been implemented. She said, “A lot of the drills that we do are designed to make us tougher mentally and force us to work together in ways that we otherwise might not.” Practicing nearly 20 hours each week, girls’ varsity volleyball’s hard work has truly paid off this season. 

Racking up victories at each of their games, JV remains undefeated this season. Sophomore Ammie Vo Robinson said, “This season has been one I’ll never forget while being undefeated.” The team faced challenging opposing teams including Gunn, Palo Alto, and Mountain View, and victoriously pulled through in every match. With an impressive winning streak of ten games, it’s no doubt that the girls’ JV team is starting off strong. 

When interviewing the players, it’s evident that the teams foster a supportive and positive environment. Sophomore Stella Miletich focused on the group’s positivity stating, “The environment of the team is amazing. Everyone is super sweet and we spend time together outside of practice too.” Teammate Robinson solidified this statement, sharing, “Surrounding myself with such amazing players has changed the way I play the game.” Senior Sasha Bins expresses her appreciation for her teammates as well by stating, “I’m going to miss my teammates more than anything. I’m gonna miss seeing them every day and just being around them.” Make sure you don’t miss this tight-knit team’s final game and come cheer them on at Los Gatos High School on Oct. 24 for Senior Night! 

(Sources: Max Preps) 

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