Kansas City Retiree Shoots Teen

By: Dylan Wadhwa

National/World Editor

Ralph Yarl, 17, took the stand September 14 to share his recollection of an evening in April when a simple mistake of ringing the wrong doorbell in Kansas City, Missouri, led to a devastating gunshot wound.

Hoping to fetch his younger siblings from a friend’s house, Yarl approached the home of Andrew D. Lester, a retiree in his eighties. After pressing the bell, Yarl reached for the door and stared at an armed Lester. Lester  held up  the gun up and said, “Don’t ever come here again.” 

In court, Lester admitted to shooting Yarl, a  junior in high school. He faces felony charges of first-degree assault and armed criminal action. However, Lester pled not guilty, defending his reaction as self-defense. The case, which has sparked a national debate on self-defense rights and race, advanced to trial after Judge Louis Angles deemed the available evidence complete. 

Although racial tensions became prominent in outside discussions, the courtroom hearing focused more on the night’s chain of events and the subsequent medical treatment Yarl underwent. Both the prosecution and the defense agreed that Yarl did not  intend to cause harm when he rang the doorbell, noting the similarity in addresses between Lester’s residence and the intended friend’s house. They also agreed on the injuries to Yarl and the shooter’s identity.

Steven Salmon, representing Lester, highlighted the unfortunate nature of the “mutual mistake.” He tried to argue that the time of night, along with Lester’s age and health issues, contributed to Lester’s misidentification of Ralph as a potential threat. Clay County prosecutor Zachary Thompson, fought this picture, replying, “You do not have the right to shoot an unarmed kid through a door two times.”

Yarl, initially telling police that he had not pulled on Lester’s door, later admitted to briefly touching the handle. When asked about the misconception, Yarl explained that it resulted from the influence of anesthesia from his wound surgery. 

The larger setting for this incident is the climbing amount of gun violence in Kansas City and the Midwest. Current information highlights that the city is reaching higher homicide rates than ever. Recently, Yarl reported feeling much improved and supported by his community, but acknowledges lasting physical and psychological scars from the incident.

(Sources: The New York Times )

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