Gibson Reminisces on LG

By: Brynn Gibson


It’s been a wild ride. It really has. And while I am truly heartbroken to leave behind the senior lot traffic and the groups of sophomores vaping in the bathroom, the time has come to retire my school email and say goodbye to Los Gatos High School. In honor of my years in free public education coming to a close, I would like to revisit a few of the top moments I experienced in the Los Gatos school systems. 

5th grade: A kid went home sick from science camp. Rumor was that he contracted cholera from drinking the creek water. 

6th grade: I was minding my own business in Ms. Harris’ 4th period Earth Science class playing Run 3 on my Chromebook when all of a sudden, sounding through the thin walls, I heard a crash, a hissing noise, and the unmistakable screech of middle schoolers overreacting. The fire alarm went off, and we filed out into the corridor. Apparently, someone had bumped into the fire extinguisher and it had subsequently exploded. Present in the classroom was fellow senior Macha Karpov, who stated, “One moment everything was chill. Next moment: dust everywhere, Ms. Boyle was yelling, and kids mourned the ruin of their brand-new Chromebooks.”

7th grade: Mr. Rudolph brought his bees to school for a fun lab day. The instructions were clear: do not touch the bee box. I was halfway through my bee communication worksheet when a thunderous “NOOOOO!” pierced the air. I turned. To my horror and astonishment, not only had [unnamed classmate] (you know who you are) touched the bee box but they had also gone the extra mile to unshackle the hive of bees from their imprisonment. Kids were screaming, crying, running around aimlessly — one kid suggested we break a window (we did not). After evacuating, Mr. Rudolph marched us to the lunch tables. Ms. Vickers proceeded to conduct a thorough interrogation in which she uncovered the identity of [unnamed classmate]. The bees unfortunately did not survive to tell the tale. 

8th grade: The Fall of Rome? More like the Fall of the RJ Fisher Middle School Girls’ Bathroom. A person, who will also go unnamed, removed one singular mirror from the bathroom for reasons unknown. Henceforth, we lost our mirror privileges. Not sure why they didn’t opt to invest in better bolts, but that is beside the point. Following this event, the bathroom fell into a state of disrepair. The janitors stopped refilling the soap dispensers. Only one out of four sinks worked, and it was habitually stuffed with leaves. After admin caught one too many 13-year-olds in a group vaping sesh in the handicap stall (or, god forbid, got caught using their phones), they decided that we could do without the stall door. When two more stall doors “fell” off their hinges, nobody bothered to fix those either. To be fair, the state of the boys’ bathroom was probably worse. I heard they liked to put soap on the floor to make a slip-n-slide when it rained…. Honorable mentions from the same year include our vice principal hitting multiple children with her golf cart and my PE teacher chasing me during the mile. What fun!

High School: Absolutely nothing unusual or out of the ordinary occurred between the years 2019 and 2023.

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